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Meraki Ventures was founded in 2019 by Muhammad Salam, who is a serial entrepreneur who started the first healthy diet meals restaurant in the KRG back in 2017 and has won the Rwanga award for entrepreneur of the year. And has since dominated the entrepreneurial world by presenting the first business related podcast by the name of (Improvement Key), he is also a business trainer and consultant in numerous organizations that push the idea of business start-ups and entrepreneurship.

Due to his passion for business and marketing, Mr. Salam’s idea for Meraki Ventures was established surrounding a business model of Restaurant Media Player, which is a unique device which gives companies and business owners a one-of-a-kind medium to showcase their products and services. In addition, Meraki Ventures also focuses on concepts of marketing and providing various other services such as: Advertisements, social Media Content Creation, Branding and much more.

Our Works

GEW Event Organization

Meraki Ventures is responsible for organizing the annual global event in Erbil, Kurdistan under the title (GEW-Global Entrepreneurship Week) which is a yearly annual event that takes place in 170 countries, where entrepreneurs come together and discuss all things entrepreneurship related.

Putting MV Players in the Best Restaurants Around Our Region

As a marketing company that’s passionate about advertisement, we put our MV Player devices on the tables of the most Prestigeous restaurants such as The Grill to display the advertisements of our beloved clients.

Alpha Gym Social Media Management

Meraki Ventures helped in the process of growth and the exposure of many social media platforms owned by various different businesses, by creating a monthly plan and following through with designing the posts and content creation lead by our creative team.

Advertisement for international companies

Apart from advertising and supporting local businesses and start-ups, Meraki Ventures collaborated with VCG (Vision Capital Group) which is an international company, under equity group. So, we put their advertisement on our MV players for everyone to see.

Online menu designing

Designing online menus and their QR codes and uploading them through our applications into the MV player devices, such as in Sapphire Steak House which made it easier and more sanitary for customers to utilize specially during the pandemic.