Project And Event Management

We at Meraki provide high-level project management support for ocean and climate initiatives. To ensure project goals are achieved, SOS’ project management team works closely with project principals to develop and implement a comprehensive plan that effectively defines and executes a project’s mission, vision and goals.

Our Services Include:

  • Provide policy, administrative, and logistical support for ocean and climate science and policy initiatives
  • Act as a coordinating liaison among diverse project stakeholders and constituents
  • Coordinate multi-institutional conferences and events
  • Develop and manage a project’s scopes of work, budget, and reporting
  • Act as a project point person on all communications efforts, including the development of relevant materials such as websites, reports and presentations.
  • Serve as a knowledge manager by maintaining, organizing and managing central repositories of information
  • Develop and maintain interdisciplinary research projects and partnerships throughout the world

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